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Patricia Vila


Patricia Vila was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She studied at the Conservatorio Nacional Carlos Lopez Buchardo (Argentina)
She perfected her piano skills as a pupil of Mtro. Roberto Caamaño.
As a chamber pianist Ms. Vila gave performances in the most prestigious concert halls in Argentina, in different ensamble combinations.

She formed an outstanding duo with Fernanda Morello, with whom she has performed since 2000, with a vast four-hand and two-piano repertoire. This unique duo is considered as one of the most renowned chamber ensembles in Argentina and Latin America.

The duo was awarded the Gardel 2006 Prize for the best classical music record of the year. With this record – Debussy’s and Shostakovich’s complete works for two pianos – developed by the international record label EMI CLASSICS, Patricia Vila and Fernanda Morello were the first Argentine artists to have access to the prestigious label, with an entirely locally-based production.

Their album debut in 2001 was an independent production called “4 Manos” (“Four Hands”) – with Debussy, Bizet and Ravel works – and was the highest selling classical record during May and June 2002, with excellent reviews.

The duo have performed in the most prestigious cycles in Buenos Aires, in chamber and orchestra concerts, as well as in the most famous theatres in Argentina.

In April 2008, they were selected as one of the three best Chamber Music interpreters, by the Argentina Music Reviewers Association, for her 2007 performances.

In April 2009 Ms. Vila was invited by the violinist of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Mr. Vladimir Tsypin , to make a recording of Felix Mendelssohn´s Sonatas and Clara Schumann´s Romances op.22. This recording was fully produced in New York City by the talented and awarded sound engineer Gregg Squires.

In May 2009 the record label Tradition asked Ms. Vila and Mr. Tsypin to join them for the making of the recording of an argentine and american repertoire. In this opportunity the composers were Floro Ugarte, with his Sonata op. 28, and John Sichel with Eight Miniatures.
During the same month they have performed presenting their albums in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in New Jersey, USA.

Career in Teaching: –She has trained music professors for Primary and Secondary schools from Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina. Some of the institutions and agencies in which she has been a trainer include:
–Directorate of Artistic Education, Province of Buenos Aires (1994)
–General Directorate of Culture and Education (1996)
–National Directorate of Artistic Education (School of Music Conservatorio Nacional Lopez Buchardo, Director: J.C.García Cánepa, 1994 )
–Permanent Training Center – C.E.Fo.P. (1995)
–High Council of Catholic Education (1995)
–Children and Youth Book Fairs (1994, 1995)
–Municipality of the City of Aires (1996)
–Federal Education Network (1996)
–First Conference of Artistic Education and Free-Time, Province of Mendoza (1996)
–Directorate of Children and Family, Undersecretary’s Office of Social Welfare
–Ministry de Health and Social Affairs, in Ushuaia, Province of Tierra del Fuego (1995)

As author of musical training manuals “Música para disfrutar jugando” and “Al compás de la imaginación”, Ms. Vila has been in permanent contact with musical education issues at school level.

She is the Founder and Director of the school of music "Centro de Estudios Musicarte", a private art school founded in 1997.

In 2007, she created MUSICARTE XXI, a Center for Music, Audiovisual and Plastic Arts, for the training of Interpreters and Composers.
MUSICARTE XXI is one of the most renowned music institutions in Argentina. It offers tertiary-level studies with a Degree as a Professional Musician, officially supported by the General Directorate of Private Education, under the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires